Play is the way the child learns

Lawrence K. Frank, an expert in human development, said this about the value of play: “Play is the way the child learns what no one can teach him. It is the way he explores and orients himself to the actual world of space and time, of things, animals, structures, and people. Through play the child practices and rehearses endlessly the complicated and subtle patterns of human living and communication which he must master if he is to become a participating adult in our social life.”

Why is Play important to you?

We asked parents, "Why is play important to you?"

Here's what they said...

☀️ "Play builds independence and imagination and develops problem-solving and socialization skills!"

☀️ "Keeps my kids happy and me happy! They need social interaction and so do I!!"

☀️ "It's what kids do!"

☀️ "Play is important to me because it helps kids process their emotions, gain new skills, have fun, enjoy time with friends, fill their day with movement, use their imaginations, experience new things via a variety of toys and pretending, and make happy memories!"

☀️ "Play is how children learn! I am a teacher at a play based preschool so this is something I am very passionate about."

☀️ "It's how kids learn! Some studies show play is more effective at learning than formal classroom settings."

☀️ "Brain development-- physical energy, problem solving, discovery of self. Social skills learning to play well with others. Imagination. Creativity."

☀️ "It gets my kiddo out of the house and into a new environment with different toys - especially in the winter months or on rainy days!"

☀️ "It’s how children learn, play, explore, and (most importantly) tire themselves out lol."

☀️ "My daughter is an only child for now, and while she gets plenty of social time with other kids at daycare, I don’t get to see any of that. Seeing how she plays with other kids is like a whole part of her personality that only comes out when we get to socialize with other families."

☀️ "Helps kids be something different and try new things!"

☀️ "Most important part of play for our 'busy' boys is simply different 'stuff' for them to do, manipulate and interact with."

☀️ "Allows little minds to be creative!"

☀️ "My child thrives in playtime! Exposing him to new activities, and being with friends or other kids I think is great for growth. It’s fun to see their creativity come through while developing their imagination and physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities."

☀️ Play is the most fundamental thing kids do! At its most rudimentary level, it is the basis for all social interactions. Play helps to develop children in the most holistic way; mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. Play is everything!

☀️ "Watching their little brains work and learn is so nice. It’s also nice to have a semi uninterrupted conversation with another grown up while kids play!"

☀️ "So important for development! I want my children to have creative minds."

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