The Scoop on Open Play

The Scoop on Open Play

a soft launch thank you & an open play update. (keep scrolling 👇)

welp, that's a wrap on our soft launch series & gee - y'all really know how to make our hearts pitter patter. 💗 thank you for your patience, kind words and adorable pics on your insta stories.

the point of our soft launch series was to iron out our processes and learn a bit along the way. we appreciate you being our guinea pigs while we ironed out the kinks. 🙃 we learned that you love @pilcrowcoffee nitro cold brews, @hatchedmke hand pies and @vennturebrewco beer on tap. 😋

we also learned that 3-hour sessions just aren't our thang. so here's the open-play update. we're axing 3-hour sessions and exclusively offering 90-minute sessions.

here's what you need to know: 👇
✨ all sessions are 90-minutes
✨ each session costs $12
✨ $1 discount for siblings

> > > > > F A Q < < < < <

⭐️ Q: What if I bought a pass package?
🌈 A: You get to double the fun. We're automatically doubling the number of passes on previously purchased pass packages. (say that 10x fast 😆) So if you had a 5 pack, now you have a 10 pack. You don't need to do anything. We've already updated everything in our system.

⭐️ Q: What if I want to stay longer?
🌈 A: We'd love that! Just ask for an extra 90-min. The second 90-min session costs just $9.

⭐️ Q: Why are you scrapping the 3-hour sessions?
🌈 A: Ya know, 90-min just feels right for the kiddos who play in our space & parents who get to kick back while their rascals are getting their wiggles out. It also allows us to maintain our walk-in policy.

⭐️ Q: Speaking of walk-in policies... Will you ever accept reservations?
🌈 A: Never say never, right? But TBH, the answer is probably no. We feel passionately about embracing a walk-in approach to play. It works best for our walkable Tosa community & our casual coffee shop vibe... and TBH life with kiddos is unpredictable. Sometimes you need a quick escape, or your best made plans just don't work out the way you hoped.

Have other questions? Drop them in a comment below.

Our official hours launch this THURSDAY 3/9. We love you. 🤍 We are so grateful for you. 🙏 We can't wait to see you. 🤗

xo, Abi & your lil vil friends

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