A Sneak Peek Inside!

A Sneak Peek Inside!

"can we see more pics of your play space?"

☝️ it's a question i've dodged for quite some time.

here's why ➡ each & every piece of furniture, toy, decor, equipment in this 3,700 sq ft space was thoughtfully researched, unboxed, assembled and arranged (then rearranged and rearranged again...) by me & my incredible village of family, neighbors & friends...

it was often done at night & over weekends...

with our kiddos playing alongside us or strapped to our chests...

and a football game or bachelor episode playing in the background...

laughter bouncing off the walls amid sounds of children being goofballls hopped up on pizza and so many boxes of @crankyals donuts...

with mountains of cardboard boxes and packaging piling to the ceiling and driving me insane.

it took so much more mental, emotional, physical work than i ever imagined. some day i think i'll look back and wonder "how?"

it all has built up to THIS MOMENT. ✨ here we are, folks.

the space is ready for you. ❤️

we are slowly soft launching with some private groups this week, giving our staff an opportunity to grease their wheels and work out any kinks.

we'll have details on our soft launch to the public soon. 🤗 (stay tuned! ) and our grand opening will follow.

thank you for your patience while we navigate the world of small business ownership for the first time. it may feel like we're moving slow, but then i think back and remember that it's been less than a year since we started on this wild adventure... and, i'd do it all again in a heart beat.

cheers to the end of one chapter (our build out) and the beginning of another one (doing the d@mn thing).

see you soon. xo


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