An Update About our Opening Date

An Update About our Opening Date

i'm not going to lie. this is a hard post to share... 💙 despite our hustle & enthusiasm to open our doors to the little village play cafe this fall, things just aren't shaking out as planned.

we've got timelines up the wazoo. 😵‍💫 and (surprise, surprise) all the construction & supply-chain & permitting & training & baby-on-the-way timelines just aren't syncing up the way we'd hoped they would.

with all that said, we've made the tough call to open this december instead of october.

i've lost a lot of sleep trying to think of ways to make it all work, but in order to provide the experience y'all deserve, i think it's best to pump the breaks a bit.

so, i guess "good things take time" and "better late than never" and all that jazz. we are still sooooooo stinking excited to open up shop and become a cozy, creative haven for our community. 🏠 it's just going to take a teensy bit longer than we had hoped.

in the meantime, please keep all the good vibes ✨ & love coming our way - they are what fuels us! we promise to keep sharing all the updates we can too. xo, abi

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