On Villages, Vulnerability and Starting a Small Business

On Villages, Vulnerability and Starting a Small Business

When I took the plunge and decided to open up The Little Village Play Cafe, I knew there'd be challenges along the way.

After all, this is TOTALLY new, vulnerable, scary territory for me. I've never negotiated a lease, secured small business funding, hired contractors or an architect, requested city permits, written a business plan, built a website, etc. I had total imposter syndrome. 😳

It reminded me a bit of the imposter syndrome I had when my first baby was born. Like, hold on a sec, when did I become eligible to take a baby home from the hospital, to keep them alive 24/7, drive with them in a car, put itty bitty clothes on their tiny body? When did I pass the class that certified my readiness to be a parent or become licensed in keeping another human being alive? Being a new mom was wonderful and filled with joy, but it was also filled with fear and self-doubt. πŸ’™

Through it all, my village of friends, family and neighbors supported me.

🌈 It was my village that picked me up when I was suffering from PPA after the birth of my first babe.
πŸ’» It was my village that crowded around laptop screens for virtual Zoom holidays throughout the pandemic.
πŸ’‘ It was my village who rallied around me when I told them about this crazy idea I had to open up a play cafe.

They're the same village that has been with me every step of my life journey. Everyone deserves a village like that.

It is their unwavering encouragement and love that inspired the name and mission behind The Little Village Play Cafe. 🌼

A village reminds you that you've got what it takes. That you're not alone. That you're on a journey and will get there one step at a time.

Whether that journey is bringing home a baby, surviving a pandemic, grieving a loss, starting a new job, finding a new home... or even starting a new business. ✨ Your village is there to celebrate the highs and scoop you up from the lows.

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