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School-Aged (4-7 years old)

Tuesday, June 11th from 10:30-noon

Slime Scientists Workshop: Volcano Slime

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Join us for an explosive adventure in creating volcano lava slime! ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐ŸŒ‹

Get ready for a volcanic adventure as we craft our own lava slime! Together, we'll witness the mesmerizing chemical reactions that bring our slime to life. So grab your shovels and let's dig deep into the heart of the volcano for a gooey, fun-filled exploration!

This class is Tuesday, June 11th from 10:30-noon.ย 



    What Is Slime Scientists?

    Slime Scientist classes are 90-minute slime-making workshops with science curriculum woven in.

    Let's embark on a journey of discovery as we explore the wonders of slime-making together.

    Through hands-on mixing of ingredients, we'll unlock the secrets of this fascinating creation while engaging our senses.

    With each squish and stretch, we'll observe intriguing reactions and textures, igniting curiosity and wonder. Join us in this sensory-rich adventure as we uncover the magic of experimentation and play.


    Slime Scientists classes are a part of our Summer Series, which is a summer education program that takes place at the Little Village Play Cafe from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

    Slime Scientists Classes are offered once a week throughout the summer.

    • Tuesdays from 10:30am-noon

    What's Included

    Each class includes...

    • One hour instructor-led, slime-making workshop and science lesson
    • 30 minutes of pop-up play
    • a recipe worksheet + at-home experiments
    • cookie + milk box
    • instant pic

    Appropriate Ages

    Our Slime Scientists classes offer an exciting learning and experimenting opportunity for early elementary school-aged kiddos (age 4-7 years old).

    This class is for independent learners. We ask that caregivers stay on site or nearby throughout the class, but caregiver participation is not required.

    Our Approach

    Our approach to learning is simple -ย kids learn through play.ย Our educators are well-versed in creating meaningful experiences that enhanceย the love of learning.ย 

    We do this by implementing sensory experiences, integrating movement with exploration, and creating a shared sense of wonder.ย 

    We want to provide you and your kids opportunities for those "a-ha" moments through play-based learning experiences.

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    How many children per class?

    Each class size is 20 children.

    Who is teaching the Summer Series classes?

    Our Summer Series classes are created and taught by an incredibly talented bunch of local educators and parents. Read their bios!

    Can I drop my child off?

    This class is for independent learners. We ask that caregivers stay nearby. Caregiver participation is not required.

    Do I need to bring anything?

    Nope! Just bring your kiddo (& their socks. ๐Ÿ˜‰) We'll take care of the rest.

    Are classes purchased individually or in a set?

    Classes are purchased individually. Feel free to join us for as many classes as you'd like! If you purchase 3 classes, your 4th class is free. ๐Ÿฅณ

    Use FOURFREE at checkout to apply your discount.

    Can siblings join?

    Yes! We offer a $7 discount for siblings attending workshops. Please use code "SIBLING" at checkout to automatically apply the $7 discount.

    Although siblings 4 & under cannot participate in the slime-making, they're welcome to enjoy the play space during the class for the price of admission. Babies 6 months & under are always free.