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Wed, Feb 7th 7:30 - 9PM


Moving Like a Mother - Pelvic Floor Health Workshop

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Curious about the role of the pelvic floor muscles and its connection to the core and other postural muscles. Wondering how to prevent or STOP leaking with coughing, sneezing, laughing, or jumping?

A healthy pelvic floor is so much more than just doing kegels. Learn why proper training of the pelvic floor and core muscles is so important for everyday life.

In this interactive workshop you will learn how to properly activate the core and pelvic floor muscles and specialized exercises for flexibility, strength, and coordination of these muscles.

*Come prepared for gentle movement and basic Pilates exercises. Workshop is part lecture/discussion and part movement work. Proper work of strengthening and stabilizing the core and pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body and it’s never too late or too early to train these muscles.

About the Teacher

Dr. Monica Frydach is a physical therapist with special expertise in the area of women and pelvic health. Her passion for pelvic health grew after her own pregnancy and birth of her first child. She is a mom of three and the owner of Move Like A Mother Physical Therapy and Wellness located in Germantown, WI. Her holistic approach to healthcare reflects not only her expertise but also her relatable and compassionate nature. She loves chatting about all things pelvic health, fitness, and motherhood.


📍 Location: The Little Village Play Cafe, 6505 W. North Ave, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

📆 Date & Time: Friday, February 7th, 7:30 PM - 9 PM

🚀 RSVP: Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot!

✨ What's Included: Instruction and guided gentle movement to learn more about Pelvic Health