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GROWGO - GROWGO Pikler Triangle Climber with Ramp

    šŸ§’ DOUBLE-SIDED RAMP - Attaching securely to the toddler wood climbing triangle & aiding physical development, the Montessori gym ramp has climbing stones on one side & a smooth sliding surface on the other. Your kids will grow strong while they play! šŸ‘¶ ROCKING FEATURE - The curved ramp sides allow children to rock on it, improving balance & coordination. Made of quality birch plywood, the Pikler triangle climber with ramp is sturdy, smooth, & lightly coated. Playtime is also stamina time! šŸŸ  PINBALL GAME + BALLS - The set comes with 3 wooden balls for playing pinball on the ramp. It's easy! With this Montessori climbing structure Pickler set, 1 year olds can have as much fun as older kids! ā›ŗ TENT - This Montessori climbing set includes a cotton tent, turning the Montessori climber into a fort ā€“ curious kids will be obsessed with it! Plus, wooden climbing toys for toddlers 1-3 can help them cruise & build confidence to walk.